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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement ClaytonA roof serves as the primary line of defense against the elements for your home or business, and thus you might expect it to last forever. Unfortunately, advanced age, severe weather conditions, poor past workmanship or defective roofing materials can substantially compromise the integrity of your roof, and only a full replacement can restore not only its functionality but also its aesthetic appeal.

When you are in need of roof replacement in Clayton, Smyrna or Dover, DE, look no further than ALC Roofing for top quality service!

Do I Need a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is a complex process involving the installation of a new roof when an existing roofing system fails. Replacements are typically performed when there is a solid roof structure with shingles that are near the end of their life expectancy but are not too deteriorated. There are a variety of solutions that can be implemented based on the extent of the damage to your roof as well as other individual factors, something that can only be determined by a trained professional.

Our over 25 years of roofing industry experience have provided us with extensive knowledge of the ideal roofing replacement strategies for homes and businesses in the state of Delaware. As such, we will typically approach a roof replacement task in one of the following ways:

  • Cases of less extensive damage may be resolved with the placement of a second layer of new shingles over the existing shingles. Please note that this approach is primarily a way to save money and is not necessarily suitable for every project, although it may sometimes be an option.
  • Cases of substantial structural damage beneath the main roofing system – e., decking, beams, rafters, or roof insulation that are weakened or collapsed – may benefit from a complete tear-off. This approach is suitable for roofs that have two or more layers and cannot handle the weight of an additional layer on top. For safety and structural reasons, we will tear off the entire roof and replace decking and roof insulation as needed, then install the new roof.


We’ll Help You Get the Right Roof Above Your Head

We firmly believe that a better roofing system with a stronger warranty can be accomplished with a tear-off, which is almost always worth the added cost. However, we are more than happy to evaluate your roof’s candidacy for the second option. We will take the time to understand your roofing system’s distinct replacement needs, and proceed to provide our superior workmanship at highly affordable rates for the perfect end result.

Replacing your roof is an arduous task that requires the skill and experience of a professional, and that is why we are here! When you are ready to work with ALC Roofing on your roof replacement in Delaware, we welcome you to call 302-373-3053 or fill out our online contact form for a free initial consultation and pricing estimate.

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